A serial killer vlogs his exploits. A pensioner confesses in a product review. Users discuss the latest episode of a television drama. A picture holds the disturbing secret behind an ancient shrine.

There’s a story behind everything, and a thread that connects us to it.

“In this book the author has set himself the difficult task of re-casting the forms and vocabulary of internet culture into stylish literature, and he has succeeded.” –
5* review, Amazon User (Full Review)

“All the stories are gripping in different ways, the characters, the themes, the writing style, each made more interesting by the form it is delivered by: Videos, blog posts, product reviews est. with all their differences they are all totally believable and often forgot I was reading fictional stories.” – 5* review, Goodreads User (Full Review)

[threads] by Jivan Ward is a sparkling original short story collection focusing on stories and conversations uploaded onto the internet. These eighteen stories span genres, themes, and mediums. Delving into horror, philosophy, history, politics, romance, and the very nature of what it means to be a contemporary content consumer.

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