Film Review: Don’t Think Twice (2016)

Quintessentially American, the lives of improv-comedians is kinda explored in this dry sort of funny comedy-drama.

The Low Down:

The lives of The Commune, an improv-group, changes when one of them is cast for a renown TV show.

Running time: 1:32 minutes
Director: Mike Birbiglia


Considering the hype around the movie, and the mind-boggling 99% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this film was disappointing. Touted as heart-warming and hilarious, the exploration of an improv-group’s lives, relationships and their desire for fame is niche, and supremely tame. A respect for the great struggle of improv actors is mandatory. The plot revolved around the characters aspiration to join the cast of ‘Weekend Live’ (Saturday Night Live), and nothing else. While some of the character’s lives sort of develop around this, everything was wholly dependant on their extraordinary small-minded dream. Like, there aren’t any other TV shows, industries, platforms or mediums to consider. Does the internet exist in this reality? Nope. Which is problematic, when you regard the fact that Keegan-Michael Key’s comedic career was helped by his skits on YouTube, and Gillian Jacob’s rise to fame was part of Community, a niche sitcom that was resurrected and fuelled by its online community and audience.

It’s not bad. It’s okay, pretty alright, but it’s nothing innovative or astounding or hilarious. Maybe if you’re into improv theatre and Saturday Night Live you’ll find more joy in this film. Wipe your mind of any dark, sarcastic jokes, Woody Allen, Louis C.K., It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and maybe Don’t Think Twice will be original and hilarious. Otherwise, prepare for a pretty mediocre time.    


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