Film Review: Oujia: Origin of Evil (2016)

Mike Flanagan injects life into the Ouija franchise utilising his directorial proficiencies, camera work, tension, and pacing.

The Low Down:

The Zanders are a fortune telling family. Conning their clientele with tricks to elicit the presence of loved ones, everything changes when they decide to try a new prop, a Ouija board.

Running time: 1:39 minutes
Director: Mike Flanagan
Trailer (basically the whole movie; I don’t recommend watching).


Getting a renown horror director to work on your franchise is a great move. The powers-that-be behind Ouija must be ecstatic with the turn out of the sequel-cum-prequel, and its reception. Without a doubt, the film is held by the directorial prowess of Flanagan. A standard plotline, with a pretty overused denouement, and mostly typical scares transcends itself. Elevated by Flanagan’s proficiencies, we are given a horror that builds tension effectively, that’s pretty entertaining, and provides some creepy moments. The performance of LuLu Wilson also deserves praise. Her predecessors have produced performances overwrought and, well, plain bad. But Wilson deals effective creepy with a sweet smile that dives into the heart of the scary-child horror trope.

Sometimes cheesy, sometimes not-scary, sometimes creepy-as-hell, Ouija: Origin of Evil is an entertaining movie for horror fans, and bored-what-shall-we-watch-now?’s. It may not have the most rewarding watching experience, it may not be the best horror film of the year, but it’s a cut above the average horror flick and it will entertain you.

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