Film Review: Swiss Army Man (2016)

Peculiarity, comedic timing, and farts combine into the sublime and surreal.

The Low Down:

Hank is stranded on a desert island. Moments before killing himself, a dead body washes up onto the shore.

Running Time: 1:37 Minutes
Director:  Daniel Scheinert & Daniel Kwan 
Soundtrack: Andy Hull
Trailer (I’d recommend going into this blind)


One thing is without a doubt. This film is hilarious. From one of the best starting scenes in years to the very end, the humour of Swiss Army Man is outrageous and supremely sharp. Not to the point of over-saturation, the comedy is well-timed and varied enough to hold its thin plot. It feels a little long for an hour and a half, but this is mainly down to the shaky middle of the story.

What’s really being discussed in this film is anyone’s guess, and that’s a pretty wonderful thing considering the peculiarity of the film itself. Whether it’s to do with identity, grief, or simply the comedic genius of fart jokes, this film is like no other. Though it falls a little flat before the denouement, it’s saved by its sublime nature. Macabre + comedy + weird = Swiss Army Man. DANIELS next project will be firm on the to-watch-list of many moviegoers, reviewers, and critics alike.


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