Film Review: Ninja Scroll (1993)

Non-stop action, violence, and beautiful animation thrive in this Anime classic.

The Low Down:

Set in feudal Japan, Jubei, a freelance ninja finds himself between the government and an opposing shogunate.

Running Time: 1:34 Minutes
Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri

The Schooby:

Ninja Scroll deserves its place on the shelves of classic Anime films. While the exposition is usually hammy and over-the-top, the abundant ridiculousness of the film is what makes it so enjoyable. The plot is confusing, and seemingly pulled together in the last forty minutes. But this is saved by the animation style, and interesting characters. The Eight Devils of Kimon are awesome, but their characters are not fleshed out, and their fights between Jubei do not last long, showing no reason why they were dubbed ‘devils’, other than hey-look-at-this-cool-thing-I-can-do.

What really separates this film from others is its pace and unflinching style. The plot moves quickly, the characters develop almost instantaneously, and the fantastical violence is enhanced by fantastical gore and dazzling animation. Ninja Scroll is engaging, and wears the crown for ‘most influential Anime film’ with an ageless frenzy.


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