[threads]: FrankieFurter659 (Part One): A Video

[Buzz cut, portly, forty-something, black and orange torn shirt, sits in a leather office chair, looking into the camera; he rubs his palms over his face; he groans; he grins; he picks up a beer bottle and drinks:] Hi guys. I’ve done something important today. Something I’ve felt like doing for a long time, and I mean, a long time. As some of you may know, I’ve been having trouble in the community for, like, wow, [he runs fingers through his beard] months now. It’s been a long shitty time. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t think there’s even a start but something happened the other day and I thought the time’s come. And now I’m here. This will be my last video, and it’s because of you arseholes. [Arms emphatic, his forefinger pointing:] You know who I’m talking about. You know who you are. I don’t even have to say your names. I know you watch my videos. You’ve been laughing about me behind my back, oh I fucking know. But wait, wait, wait. Let’s talk about the last gathering. [He coughs; he tips the bottle to drink and liquid dribbles down his beard onto his shirt:] Kevin told me to make sure that everyone had their literature. I did that. I made sure. I went around, you know, I asked everybody if they had the book and the manuscript. [Eyes to the side, left eyebrow arched:] But no. You lied to me, and what happened? [Finger pointing:] I got in trouble. But anyway, okay, yeah, sure, I’m a reasonable person I can handle fucking arseholes. Easy. I’ve been dealing with fucking arseholes my whole life, you know. [His face turns a pinkish red:] I was bullied in secondary school. Fuck mate, I’ve been bullied my entire life. Fucking every time I go out I see these fucking business men in their suits with their women and stupid little fucking man bags. They laugh at me. They make fucking sarcastic comments about how fat I am. [He pauses:] I know you arseholes, I know, okay, I am fat, yeah, I am overweight, but at least I am a nice guy unlike you. [He points at the lens:] I treat people with respect bitch. [He sighs:] But the world is unfair. I mean, everyone knows that, right? That’s why everyone treats each other like shit. Look what I’ve got. Nothing. Nobody. Just the gatherings, and you guys are fucking that up for me. I just want to be a part of something for once in my fucking life. [He slams his fist on the wooden desk in front of him; the camera shakes and spins onto the floor; he groans; the torso of a princess dress slouches against a radiator; fingers wrap around the lens; he puts the camera up and sighs into his chair:] Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I’m getting worked up. But it’s not my fucking fault, you know? Even you guys don’t understand, I don’t even know why I do these videos. [He drinks again:] Okay. I know why. And now I know why you hate me. [He breathes heavily:] So that happened. Kevin had a go at me after the meeting and, yeah, whatever, I don’t blame him. But, when we were talking about the manuscript and how at some points it contradicts the book, I was about to talk, I was about to say a really interesting point. But you interrupted. It was a really good point but you just interrupted me. Hey, it’s okay, FrankieFurter doesn’t have anything interesting to say. He’s stupid. He’s dumb. He’s fat. [He sucks air; he blows it out:] I mean, it’s not respectful and I’ve given you all of my respect. Seriously. Even when I disagree with you. Even when I think you’re talking bullshit. I mean, it’s so obvious you guys don’t know anything. I doubt you’ve even read the book or the manuscript. You just say what everyone else says but, like, slightly differently. And everyone just agrees. Arseholes. [He drinks; he splutters:] Anyway. That was just the last meeting. What happened after is important. What I did. What you guys would never do. You guys who preach but don’t do shit. Listen. [He drinks; he clears his throat:] I was at work, yeah. I was just restocking like I normally do, but then this customer comes along. I’m good with customers, always have been. Like, I’ve been working in retail for like ten years. I’ve come across most arsehole customers, I’ve weathered the most incompetent managers and supervisors. I can do a shitty retail job. But. I mean, I rarely meet these kinda people but it’s worked out for the best I’m sure of it. [His chin waddles; he grins; he claps:] I’m sure of it. And you better believe me. You better fucking believe me. [He laughs:] So, yeah. He comes up to me. And I know straight away, I mean I could feel it. His eyes. The way he walked. How he smiled at me. And he says…excuse me, I’m looking for specific lengths of wood, and a couple of other things. [He grins; he shuffles in his chair:] Now, I know some of you guys don’t know anything about my community, we have to keep it secretive and everything, but, ugh, you understand. It’s serious. It’s forbidden, in the scripture and everything. Anyway. [He tips the bottle to his lips; he sucks at the glass:] So, I’m thinking. Hey, okay, this is my opportunity. This is my time to show you fuckers. [He runs his fingers through his beard; he stares off-camera:] So, I take him to the wood and tell him we can cut it for him etc., etc. All the usual spiel. He looked at the wood, like he knew what he’s looking for, but he asked me anyway. He asked like you would expect but I told him about Koa. [He winks:] I told him about how awful plywood is, and I asked him what he was planning to use the wood for, he shied from the question. I knew he’s exactly what I was looking for, and I can only thank, I can only be grateful for the fact that he was put in my path. [He raises his head toward the ceiling, the bookshelves look sterile, he smiles behind the lens:] Anyway, he bought the Koa and asked me to help him take it to his car. I obliged because I knew something was going on. We went, I helped him, we talked and laughed and he smiled and said he would be back to get more. He shook my hand and I knew something was going on. I could see it behind his eyes. I could see it, so, I waited. Fuck, did I wait. [He drinks:] When I finished my shift, I didn’t wanna be the kinda person that waits around the car park so I talked to my colleagues and everything for a little while and then when I saw him come in again I left. His car was in a secluded area. Right by the side of the warehouse. No one ever parks there unless it’s busy, and it wasn’t busy. I assumed he wanted to take the wood he was buying out of the warehouse doors. He’s charming enough to convince someone. Anyway, I stood to the side, and I waited. Twilight had sunk and whatever by the time he came out. I dunno how long I was waiting for maybe ten or twenty minutes. He didn’t look too surprised to see me. He asked if I could help him put the wood in the car and I did. We talked more. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew what he wanted, and I could tell he thought he knew what I wanted. Obviously not. [He shifts in his chair; he drinks; he turns off-camera raising his finger to shush; he turns back to the camera; he smiles:] His place is nice, right?? The décor is a little too modern for me, but I like it. He has a lot of arty pictures around. Even the basement has some weird pictures in it. Almost pornographic. I burnt them. They’re not anything anyone should own. [He looks off-camera; he grins; he turns back to the camera:] Kevin, you think you’re the fucking master. You think just cos you can charm people and other members of our order that you are special? Just because you supervise us doesn’t mean shit buddy. I am better than you. I followed the word and brought judgement on this sick fucking scumbag. On this dirtbag of sin. He’s looking at me now. Disbelief. He doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know what he’s done wrong, I can see it. Disgusting and vile. Scum. I will make sure you get what you deserve. [He snarls; the bottle empties in his mouth; he throws it off-camera; he laughs at a thud; he turns to the camera; he smirks:] I’ve even dressed him like a princess. [He laughs; he reaches for the camera:] No, no. It’s best if I describe it to you. No evidence. I don’t want anyone to know who this fucking parasite is. Obviously, there’s blood. I had to knock him out as soon as he tried to kiss me, I mean, I needed him out cold to tie him up and dress him anyway. So there’s blond hair, he looks like Elsa, but bloody. A few cuts on his face. His eye is swelling nice. Awh, are those tears dawrling? [He laughs:] Anyway. I wanted to post this video because I wanted to tell you guys that I am better than you. You come to meetings and talk about tame shit that you’ve done. I am better than you fucks. After I’ve finished this I’m going to do the ritual and you’ll see. You’ll notice. You’ll feel it. What we’ve been talking about for years. I’m gunna make it fucking happen. This is proof. Watch this fucking space, Kevin. [He smiles into the camera; thumbs up; he laughs; he turns off the camera.]

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