PI CHARLES doesn’t quite get it. Sure, he can solve a case, but being a robot he doesn’t understand all this ’emotion’ stuff. What he does have is a machine drive to solve mysteries and a hard exterior.

Created by Joshua Sherwell (@JoshuaSherwell), ‘PI Charles: Volume One’ is a 60+ page graphic novel, featuring 5 new short stories (between 7 and 22 pages), written and drawn by some amazing up-and-coming talents! Lettering will be handled by the fantastic Mike Stock(@sheriffstocky).

PI Charles first featured in VS Magazine back in 2013. The new volume is an atmospheric read with dark humour. If you want to get a feel for the comic, you can find ‘The Cabin’ story in its entirety here!

The funds (hopefully) raised through Kickstarter will go towards covering the cost of the print run.


The Cabin – Charles is in a race against time after he gets a call for help. Art by Ivan Griessel(@BoyKidling) and written by Joshua Sherwell. You can read this in full story here!

Art by Ivan Griessel
Art by Ivan Griessel

The Hand That Feeds – Charles is hired by his local Congressman, but can he be trusted? Written by Jivan Ward (@JivanWard), with art by Joshua Sherwell.

Art by Joshua Sherwell
Art by Joshua Sherwell

Empathy Test – Things get weird and Charles has to lend the police a hand. Written by Sean Hollywood (@DimitriMiediev), with art by Louis Vinet (@LouisVinet).

Art by Louis Vinet
Art by Louis Vinet

An Early Retirement – The case is over, but there’s still a mystery Charles wants solved. Art byEmily Gilbert (@Emilydewintong) and written by Joshua Sherwell.

Art by Emily Gilbert
Art by Emily Gilbert

The Sister – Kitty’s best option is Charles after the police write off the death of her brother. Written by Joshua Sherwell and Rodrigo Balitsky, with art by Joshua Sherwell.

Art by Joshua Sherwell
Art by Joshua Sherwell

Also featuring a pin-up by Jay Barnham (@JayBarnham)


There are lots of additional material up for grabs as well. Including, bookmarks, A4 prints, original pages, a soundtrack, and even a chance to be drawn into the comic! Please have a look at the Kickstarter. Charles is looking forward to seeing you there.

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