Film Review: A Field in England (2013)

Visionary, hypnotising and mysterious Ben Wheatley stamps his voice on the British film scene with cinematic wizardry.

The Low Down:

England, 1648 AD, Civil War. Deserters are captured by two mysterious men who are trying to find a mythical treasure.

Running Time: 1:30 Minutes
Director: Ben Wheatley
Writers: Ben Wheatley & Amy Jump
Black & White

The Schooby:

A Field in England is a fever dream. A peculiar piece of cinematic art; the cinematography is entrancing, the story is strange, its characters sinister, hilarious and beguiling, scenes and sequences at once solemn and trippy. The only criticism could be the fairly loose structure, but this simply fuels the overall atmosphere of the film.

It’s hard to give keep continually positive about most films, but A Field in England¬†deserves a lot of praise. It’s daring. It flies in the face of generic period drama. It creates a palpable mysticism. It’s about hope and defiance, about the power within, and it achieves this in the furore of a psychedelic and kaleidoscopic trip.

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