Film Review: Spring (2014)

In a well-crafted blend of genres, Spring creates a taut and romantic atmosphere that’s muddled by a disappointing ending.

The Low Down:

After the death of his mother, Evan decides to leave his hometown for a vacation. In Italy, he meets an intriguing woman who is not what she seems.

Running Time: 1:49 Minutes
Directors: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

The Scooby: 

While Spring¬†utilises it’s crisp cinematography, topical premise, and the chemistry between its leads, to seemingly transcend both the horror and romance genre, it stumbles into several issues. The drone shots become boring. The plot becomes predictable. But this doesn’t take away from the mystery and the entertainment value.

It’s a fun and entertaining film – but! – the ending falls into confusion. While the last shot is aesthetically pleasing, reason and backstory seem to fall at the waist side. Fortunately, the previous 100 minutes are intelligent and intriguing enough to carry the film.

It’s always hard to say whether a film will be remembered, or if it’ll become a sleeper hit. Spring has the capacity for both, but it also has the capability to be lost in deep digital libraries, covered with the prophetic dust of time, or like volcanoes, or whatever.

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