Film Review: We Are Still Here (2015)

Gorgeous cinematography and a thrilling tension carries this succinct and concise haunted house film.

The Low Down:

After the tragic death of their son Bobby, Anne and Paul Sacchetti move to a house across the country. Spiraling into depression, Anne believes their son has followed them and invites her psychic friend to visit and contact the restless spirit of Bobby.

Running Time: 1:24 Minutes
Director: Ted Geoghegan
Writers: Ted Geoghegan and Richard Griffin
Much Gore
Trailer (Spoilers)

The Scooby:

Though the premise and genre has been covered in many classic horrors, what separates We Are Still Here from the others is multi-faceted. Middle-aged actors dominate the screen, and do a great job. The gore is earned through the film’s nerve shattering tension, created by great shots and lingering cinematography.

Although parts of the plot feel cliché, the climax is exhilarating. It’s pretty bloody, but the crescendo carries you in its frantic gait. We Are Still Here begins quiet and peaceful, shifts into a harrowing ghost story, and explodes in gore; the pacing is extraordinary. This film is destined to become a classic horror movie, or gather a passionate cult fan base.

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