Film Review: The House at the End of Time (2013)

Sentimental but uneven, the unpacking of its inherent mystery creates a semblance of tension that’s unfortunately foiled by it’s lack of originality.

The Low Down:

After serving a prison sentence for the murders of her husband and son, Dulce returns to her old home to find out what happened the evening she watched her son disappear before her eyes.

Run Time: 1:41 Minutes
Writer/Director: Alejandro Hidalgo

The Scooby:

With few shocks that owe much to horror’s most-loved jump scares, The House at the End of Time dotes on maternal love more than creating atmospheric horror. Consequently, it’s not long into the film that it’s trajectory is predictable.

This horror-cum-family-drama is caught in a loop between wishy-washy storytelling and tropes, tropes, tropes. Arguably, it could be defined as intricate writing, but it’s all been done before, and better.

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