Film Review: Life After Beth (2014)

All together disappointing, Life After Beth is deadpan enough for a few laughs, but fails to raise a pulse.

The Low Down:

After the untimely death of his girlfriend, Zach mourns with Beth’s family only to be confronted with her reappearance.

Run Time: 1:31 minutes
Writer/Director: Jeff Baena
Horror Comedy (Gore)

The Scooby:

As the Zombie genre started to wilt, Zomromcom’s have tried to find a foothold in the genre. Life After Beth is considerably late to the party, and unfortunately, even Aubrey Plaza’s impressive performance could not carry the dead weight of the film.

With a protagonist who speaks in a variety of whines, a plot and transformation that’s long winded and predictable, it’s saving grace is the film’s premise. It brings a fresh and interesting dimension to the Zombie genre. A parenthesis that could have been explored without the film’s constant desire to be funny. Ultimately, the film falls into a limbo and feels unsure of its own direction.

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