Film Review: LFO (2013)

Claustrophobic and wry, LFO, explores the delusions of a disturbed sound engineer to examine contemporary philosophy and morality.

The Low Down:

Trying to create a track that negates his ‘sound allergy’ to Relaxation music, Robert, discovers a frequency that allows him to hypnotise other people.

Run Time: 1:34 minutes
Writer/Director: Antonio Tublen

The Scooby:

Like many indie Sci-Fi films, LFO, is quirky and thought provoking. The cinematography excels at trapping the audience with Robert, his sounds, and his troubled mind. The soundtrack contains all manner of minimalistic bleeps and oscillations that add to Robert’s disturbing reverie creating a sense of unease and awe. This is where Tublen excels.

LFO is as absorbing as it is hilarious. Though a big dose of suspension-of-disbelief is mandatory, the desperation of loneliness, an unstable mind and genius come together into a feature that finishes in a melancholic whimper, or a sinister bang. It depends what you choose to believe.

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