Film Review: Mr Nobody (2009)

At points touching and absurd, Mr Nobody, feels its way through genre and coherence revealing a peculiar story of time travel and memory.

The Low Down:

Meandering and non-linear, Mr Nobody, deliberates over several scientific and philosophical theories through an old man’s questionable remembering of his past and the lives he could have led.

Run Time: 2:35 Minutes
Writer/Director: Jaco Van Dormael
Sci-Fi Drama

The Scooby:

An experience. The performance of Leto carries the film through its polished garble. Of what? Sublime shifts in genre. Dark, quirky and melancholic vignettes that peer at adolescent, soul crushing, and insidious love. Here, Dormael fails in as many ways as he succeeds. Ultimately, he plays with indie sentimentality to trick the viewer into a fall down a rabbit hole with no end. In hindsight the piece recalls like a conversation in a dream.

A surreal piece like it’s contemporary, Synecdoche, New York (2008). Mr Nobody joins the cluster of notable Art House Sci-Fi philosophy through its ambition and curiosity.

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