Film Review: Honeymoon (2014)

This measured horror creates a tense atmosphere but fails to elicit anything other than a vague sense of unease.

The Low Down:

Newly weds Bea and Paul decide to spend their honeymoon at Bea’s childhood summer house, a couple nights in, and their relationship takes a decidedly creepy turn.

Run Time: 1:28 minutes
Director: Leigh Janiak

The Scooby:

Honeymoon begins as a platitudinous romance but becomes tense and unsettling as a plot emerges, and a mystery develops. The weakest aspects come in the form of forced acting, and unrealistic dialogue, but Janiak has the directorial skill to procure an unnerving crescendo throughout the second act. Unfortunately the finale falls flat, and the journey appears the most enjoyable part.

Though flawed, Honeymoon, is better than the average horror film. In time, Janiak is likely to become a proficient and affecting director, definitely one to watch.

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