Film Review: Calvary (2014)

Taut with it’s perspective on faith and relationships in a cynical world, Calvary is both darkly funny and effecting.

The Low Down:

Confronting the problems of parishioners and his troubled daughter, we follow Father James (Brendan Gleeson) as he receives a sinister warning.

Writer/Director: John Michael McDonagh
Run Time: 1:40 minutes
Drug Use, Strong Language and Mild Gore
Trailer (Spoilers)

The Scooby:

McDonagh secured a fantastic cast for this film. Brendan Gleeson leads the charge with a considered performance highlighting the troubles behind a ‘good’ person, all faith aside. With seamless cinematography and a sharp script, the wry smile of black humour provides a balance to the quiet nature of the film and allows the piece to breathe. Though its pace dawdles, McDonagh holds the weight of the drama and delivers it with precision in a sensitive and gut-wrenching swoop.

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