Film Review: The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Convincing with it’s light amateur documentary style, The Taking of Deborah Logan, creeps into horror with razor-sharp tension and intelligent timing.

The Low Down:

Creating a documentary about the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on a victim’s carer we follow Mia, a PhD student, film Sarah Logan and her mother’s descent into illness.

Director: Adam Robitel
Run Time: 1:30 minutes
Found Footage/Documentary
Gore and Disturbing Content
Trailer (don’t watch the trailer – it’s really bad)

The Scooby:

Found footage horrors tend to follow certain tropes, and this film is no exception. With a little suspense-of-disbelief, it procures an effective tension that is undoubtedly nerve-wrecking. Jump-scares aside, Robitel provides the audience with a variety of eerie scenes that redeem a plot that’s hardly surprising, or innovative, of the genre.

The Taking of Deborah Logan employs a steady finesse but finishes like a blunt spade. Although, highly entertaining in its own right and a far cry better than most of its contemporaries, the film succumbs to an ironic kind of cinematic amnesia.

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