No Cygnet for Sleep: 7

River Ram Press #InspireWriters #InspireReaders

‘No Cygnet for Sleep’ contains strong language, sexual scenes, drug use, and gore.


No Such Thing as Serendipity

By Jivan Ward

Open eyes to Ané thong bottom. Too early for Saturday, I yawn, roll round to black and turn back. She dressed and she kiss cheek say, Sorry I have work, I’ll…around seven if…hang out tonight. Lips fresh lipstick smack against mine. Hands round waist I pull in. She knee on mattress laugh and I moan and smile to acceptance. We kiss and door click as she leave. Small gesture mean big thing. Her phone ring she loud say, Hi yes Sun I’m just leaving now, I’ll be there soon. Door slam, chain rattle. I up no way sleepy now. I up and roll hip to plant feet on carpet, cold tickle. Stretch yawn. Wander to kitchen find coffee pot half full and warm. Stomach folds and smile springs up…

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