No Cygnet for Sleep: 3

River Ram Press #InspireWriters #InspireReaders

‘No Cygnet for Sleep’ contains strong language, sexual scenes, drug use, and gore.

No Solace in Thirty Grand PowerPoints

By Jivan Ward

Lecturer stand front sewn to podium think hail of pigeon shit and some reason monotonous stay monotone for monotone system mean monotone soul and no learn for me. I sit somewhere near middle not back or front that’s chic or cool but middle and feet down under chair in front and look round to girls in Uni epoch. They say Best time of your life I say, Entire life?

There once ghost that walked with blackboard and chalk ghost walked with book and orate and inspire then ghost stumble under bare projection board and redundancy and ghost go home. Now everyone concentrate like automaton to screen projector like holographic spectre beam divine ray of Info photosynthesise us catatonic. I like that ghost.

Phone vibrate – Hugo: So Sarah…

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